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Gottlieb Cue Ball Wizard 1992

I have completely gone through this game electronically and mechanically. Clint Eastwood calls the shots. All new rubber, All new LED's, cleaned & shined up with a nice Dot Matrix display. The game Plays Fantastic, looks good, and works 100% and has an in shop warranty to boot.



 Gottlieb Jacks to Open Pinball   1985

 Classic Card Themed pinball. I have completely gone through this game electronically and mechanically. All new rubber, All new lamps, cleaned & shined up. This is a re-make of the Classic mechanical game from the 70's. looks good, and works 100% and includes a in shop warranty.



Williams Triple Action Pinball from 1974

The big central spinner is what makes this game a classic. One of my favorite Mechanical games from 1974. Come in and take it for a spin.

Triple Action.JPG


For all of our Pinball Machines, we offer a 30-day in-shop circuit board warranty. If something were to fail, bring us the game or send us a circuit board and we'll repair and return it to you free of any labor charge.


We've been re-conditioning pinball games for over 40 years. Most Pinball Machines are totally solid state and electronic. All are commercial machines, fully reconditioned and guaranteed to be in perfect working order. Features vary from game to game, but some play Multi-ball, some talk, and others play music, but most often include complete custom programming. 
Your machine can be set to function in a variety of ways. We carry games manufactured by Bally, Capcom, Data East, Game Plan, Gottlieb, Sega, Stern and Williams.


For other photos of these games go to the Internet Pinball Database at:

E-mail us with any questions you may have at

Pinball Games are getting harder and harder to come by and prices are going up. There are not any warehouse finds anymore. If you are thinking about buying a pinball, don't wait too long or you may be disappointed. We offer many parts and Electronic Pinball Circuit Boards through our eBay store "PinballPlace" Visit us there today! PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT BELOW OUR PINBALL LIST BEFORE CALLING OR SENDING EMAIL TO US. THANK YOU! 


These pinball games are not collector quality condition or home use only condition games. The games are many years old and are not perfect (cosmetically) by any means, (mint). If you're looking for collector quality condition, or home use only condition, you need to look elsewhere. High end collectors go away, these are not museum pieces, you're too picky to buy what we call a route pinball game. Your definition of wear can greatly differ from ours. Our good natured, small company has been taken advantage of by a few people and we won't allow it to happen again. Unlike others, we will work with you not against you.


I am probably being too critical of our games but I don’t want any surprises when you pick it up, or open the box and pull it out to set it up. We describe our games to the best of our ability and it is sold as is and all sales are final. The game works perfectly when we pallet and crate it. We cannot guarantee anything after the truck line picks up, although after 60 plus shipments none have been damaged. It is not our intention to deceive anyone. We never have and never will. We've been in business since 1975 with our route and showroom and we wouldn't be here if we were misrepresenting our products.


Our Pinball's are cosmetically nice family games for your home. We can send photos of any of the games listed if you phone us first. These are not stock photos, They are of the actual game we have on hand. Look at the photos carefully before you buy. If you need different photos from what we send, Just ask and you will receive. When we describe the condition of a pinball over the phone to you we only have a minute or two to try to find every nick or scratch and tell you about it. We will miss some, we are human.


Consider this just like eBay. Look closely at the photos. Photos take priority over voice descriptions. We will not accept returns or partial refunds on pinball's Just because there is a scratch, nick, or minor wear spot that we failed to see and mention. It's your job to seek them out in the photos. Remember these are route used pinball's. If you encounter any problems with you're game, after you receive it, we will gladly help you out via our toll free service number or E-mail. You must be willing to stick your hands in the game or employ someone else to. If you wish to pick this item up from our store (we are 35 miles west of Minneapolis) or we ship it to a Minnesota address, we must add 7.375% Minnesota Sales tax.



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