Available Games:
United Super Shuffle Alley

Retro Cool from 1952. Up to Six Players at a time can play.  Family fun Bowling! Refurbished and ready for a new Home


Silver Strike Bowling Video Arcade Game

Has Been Home Use Only, Belonged to the late Flip Saunders, Timberwolves Coach. This Looks Brand New!


Atari Asteroids Video Game....3 Games in one Also plays Asteroids Deluxe, and Lunar Lander

Cool old school Vintage Arcade Game. Reconditioned, everything works, has  great sound and play. Includes the 3 following Games: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, and Lunar Lander From 1978!   Very cool 


Sega Exhaust Note, Twin Sit Down Drive Game

Both 25" monitors are rebuilt and ready for many more years of service. Size: 49" wide X 67" deep X 69" tall. For transport, seats remove, fits through 36" door.


WWII 1942 Upright Video Game

Cool Game!


Original Frogger Upright Video Game

Rebuilt monitor,  Nice cabinet,  A classic game that every one loves to play. Hours of old school fun!


SNK Beast Busters 3 Gun Video Game

Hard to find SNK game. Guns were recently rebuilt Monitor rebuilt. This game is like going after the walking dead. Very fun game for up to 3 players.

Main Cabinet 29" w X 31" D. Removable Gun Platform 35" w X 17" D


Tatio Operation Wolf Upright Video Gun Game

Your overseas trying to free the hostages and all Hell breaks out!  A really fun single player gun game. You won't be disappointed with this game


Atari Centipede Caberet Cabinet

What can I say that you already don't know about this Classic video game. It is a Cabaret cabinet that sports a huge 19" monitor. I Just refurbished this.


Area 51 Maximum Force Gun Game

The Ultimate in gun games. This 2 player gun game will keep you on your toes. You have to take out the monsters from Area 51 and save our world. 


Silkworm Upright Video Game



Big Buck Hunter, Ultimate Hunting Fun

Copyright 2000, Back Woods Single Rifle Gun game


Upright Battle Shark Video Game

Fun submarine video game! You won't get enough of the flashing lights and force feedback of the controls. Very cool game.


Upright Super Contra Video Game

Nice condition game with a following.  Think Arnold Schwarszenegger Cool.


Sammy Sports Arena Prize Game

This is a prize game where you follow the lights and try to catch a red lamp to win a prize. Very Flashy game


Dynamo Hot Flash Commercial Air Hockey

Hot Flash Model with overhead scoring


Other Items Available!

Not all of our games make it to the website. If you are looking for something specific, please don't hesitate to give us a call and check in with us.

Example: Pool Table, FoosBall, Dome Hockey, Darts, etc.


Information on Darts

What a way to entertain Family & Friends!  Fully reconditioned ready to go! One of our most reliable pieces of equipment. We carry such names as:

Arachnid          Valley       Pubtime


SORRY,  We don't have any commercial dart games on hand at the moment.  We do have plenty of dart sets and supplies available.

Features vary from game to game. Some have overhead scoring for cricket. Others have a 9" monitor for scoring.

All are solid state and play a variety of Games such as:

301   -    Count up     -     Cut Throat      -      501    -   Baseball     -   Cricket


Standard Bar Darts and extra tips are included with the purchase of any dart game.

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