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Commercial, fully reconditioned CD Juke Boxes. Some play common 45 RPM records - They are still available! 50% of what you hear on the radio is available on a 45 RPM record. Pushbutton, automatic record selection for continuous play, Dual channel stereo amplifier, Full Concert sound calibrated speakers, Full volume, Bass and Treble adjustments, Remote speaker hook-ups. Fluorescent lighted color panels, selection playing indicator and much more. 

Juke Boxes
Available Items:
Seeburg LS-2 The Gem, From 1968

The 45 rpm record mechanism has been completely gone through. The amplifier and control center have been rebuilt for another 50 years.



Seeburg USC2 Firestar, From 1971

This is one of the prettiest 45 rpm jukeboxes that Seeburg made in the 70's.  The amplifier and control center have been all rebuilt and it sounds fantastic!



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