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                                      July 2024


  I am away from the shop and UN-plugged for some needed R & R. I will re-open on Monday July 15th.



Send me an Email and I'll reach out when I return. I just need to de-flip for a while.



I have never been as busy as I have been in my entire career for the last couple of years. Easy 60 hour weeks are a bit of a strain on me & my family.


   I need to get all my own games refurbished that are here as some have sat here for two years or more. They're not going to repair themselves. I'll update the progress here when I can.

        I really appreciate your understanding.


   My work load also includes my game route, my eBay store, and the mail order circuit board repair service that I do.  I'm hanging in here and getting things done. My wife Deb has been coming in part time after she's done at her other work to lend a helping hand. It's wonderful to have her here when she can help.

                                E mail is best


I've been doing this type of work for 47 years and I'm now in my Golden Years. With that said I still haven't Flipped out! but I'm getting close though.


I no longer do on site service calls in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas and haven't for some time.  I simply can't do it all as I am here by myself. There just isn't enough time in each and every day.

The Ultimate Gameroom Store


I'm sorry to have to say that I am not accepting Jukeboxes in our shop for repairs and electronic restoration done by Dave. He's retired and did this because he wanted to, not because he had to. He has suffered two mild strokes and lost most of his short term memory capability.  I don't even know who to refer you to that does this repair and restoration work. It's a total shame that this has happened to Dave and all the Jukebox owners out there. He loves his work. I don't feel that Dave is replaceable. The knowledge that is going to be lost will be very hard to ever recover. 


     I have recently discontinued credit card service due to the monthly charge of $45.00 for the privilege of accepting credit cards, along with the Statement fees, Card processing fees, Swipe Fees and fee's that I don't have a clue as to how to understand them. I simply don't do enough card transactions to keep it place. 


     I do accept Pay Pal and I can send a Pay Pay invoice to you for my services if need be, there will be a 4% processing fee included. Now through Pay Pal, you can pay your invoice using Credit or Debit Cards, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Pay Later. I hope that this will work for you. The other options are a Personal check, Money order, or Cash.  I appreciate your understanding.

Normal Business Hours

Always call ahead if you're coming from afar,

I am a one person shop and I would sure hate to miss you if I was out on other business.



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